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Message from the Commander


The Auxiliary will be holding a yard sale at the post Saturday, March 23rd beginning at 8am.  All proceeds will benefit the special projects and improvements of the post directly.  If you have any items that you would like to donate or would like to volunteer, please see an Auxiliary member  

~~We currently have a need for volunteer bartenders, if interested, please see Sue or Billy~~

Thank you

Bill Haynes, Commander

Upcoming events


$$$$$ MARATHON BINGO $$$$$

Sunday February 10th - Tickets on sale now.  Please see the bartender

Friday 2/1/19  Karaoke with Mollie 6-9pm inside

Saturday 2/2/19  VFW meeting @ 10am. I GOT IT @ 1pm.  Music this evening

Sunday 2/3/19  Mick @ the Tiki 2-5pm.  Super Bowl party starting @ 4pm.  Wings and sandwiches, bring your favorite football food to share

Monday 2/4/19  Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 2/5/19   Darts @ 7pm.  Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 2/6/19  Bar Cards @ 2pm. MOC meeting @ 7pm

Thursday 2/7/19  AUX dinner @ 6pm - Cabbage casserole, salad and rolls for $7

Friday 2/8/19   Karaoke with Mollie inside from 6-9pm.  Mark Mann @ the Tiki from 6-9pm

Saturday 2/9/19   I GOT IT @ 1pm.  Music to be announced - check Facebook or the events board

Sunday 2/10/19   MARATHON BINGO - LUNCH @ 12 BINGO STARTS AT 1PM.  Red @ the Tiki from 2-5pm

Monday 2/11/19   Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 2/12/19   Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 2/13/19   Bar cards @ 2pm

Thursday 2/14/19  VFW dinner @ 6pm - French dip, mashed potatoes and salad $7.  Entertainment with Mick @ 6.30pm

Friday 2/15/19    Karaoke with Mollie 6-9pm inside. Sammy Davis Jr at the Tiki from 6-9pm

Saturday 2/16/19  AUX meeting @ 10am. I GOT IT @ 1pm. Zumba from 5-7pm. A Fine Pair 7.30-10pm

Sunday 2/17/19  At Large @ the Tiki 2-5pm

Monday 2/18/19   Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 2/19/19  Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 2/20/19  Bar cards @ 2pm. Riders meeting @ 7pm

Thursday 2/21/19   MOC dinner @ 6pm - Grilled chicken, mac and cheese, veggies $7

Friday 2/22/19   Karaoke with Mollie 6-9pm inside. Mark Mann @ the Tiki 6-9pm

Saturday 2/23/19  I GOT IT @ 1pm. Tailspin from 7-10pm

Sunday 2/24/19  Sammy Davis @ the Tiki 2-5pm

Monday 2/25/19  Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 2/26/19  Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 2/27/19  Bar cards @ 2pm

Thursday 2/28/19  Riders dinner @ 6pm - Grilled pork chops, pasta salad and green beans $7

Friday 3/1/19  Karaoke with Mollie inside 6-9pm

Sunday Bloody Mary Specials


Sunday's at the Tiki bar starting at 11am!!

Membership FAQ


To become a VFW member - you must complete an application, which is available at the post and provide a copy of your DD214 with combat qualifications.

To become a VFW Auxiliary member - you must complete an application, which is available at the post accompanied by a qualifying DD214, which can include a member of your immediate family such as - father, mother, sister, brother, and grandparents.




Thank you for visiting


If you have any questions or concerns, an officer of the post is typically available most weekday evenings and weekends.  Please feel free to stop by or call and leave a message.