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Upcoming events

Saturday 9/1/18   VFW meeting @10am

I GOT IT @ 1pm.  Baby Boomers 7-10pm

Sunday 9/2/18  VFW & AUX JOINT MEETING @ 10am - Please attend, this is your chance to ask questions, make suggestions and make a difference.  At Largo 3-6 @ Tiki

Monday 9/3/18  Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 9/4/18   Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts 8pm

Wednesday 9/5/18  Bar cards @ 2pm. MOC meeting @ 7pm

Thursday 9/6/18  Riders dinner @ 6pm - Fried fish and fixings.  Entertainment with Denise 4.30 - 7.30pm.  Mick @ the Tiki

Friday 9/7/18  Karaoke with Molly 6-9pm. Sammy Davis @ the Tiki 6-9pm

Saturday 9/8/18 Aux Meeting @ 10am. I GOT IT @ 1pm. Mick & Co 7-10pm

Sunday 9/9/18 FUNDRAISER FOR CHRISTMAS FOR VETERANS AND FAMILIES 1-6pm.  Music with Mick Hasson - Food - Raffles - 50/50 - Chinese Auction

Monday 9/10/18  Bingo @ 6.30pm.  Mick @ the Tiki 4-7pm

Tuesday 9/11/18  Darts @ 7pm.  Queen of hearts 8pm

Wednesday 9/12/18  Bar Cards @ 2pm

Thursday 9/13/18 Boy Scout dinner @6.00pm - Chicken Fettucine and Caesar salad.  Entertainment by John Ellis 4.30-7.30pm

Friday 9/14/18  Karaoke with Molly 6-9pm.  Home Cooking Band @ the Tiki 6-9pm

Saturday 9/15/18  I GOT IT @ 1pm.  Zumba 5-7pm, Mick Hasson @ the Tiki 4-8pm

Sunday 9/16/18  NFL Package

Monday 9/17/18  Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 9/18/18  Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 9/19/18  Bar cards @ 2pm. Mick @ the Tiki 4-7pm,  Riders meeting @ 7pm

Thursday 9/20/18   Aux dinner @ 6pm - Baked ziti.  Entertainment with Denise 4.30 -7.30pm

Friday 9/21/18   Karaoke with Molly 6-9pm.  Mark Mann @ the Tiki 6-9pm

Saturday 9/22/18  I GOT IT @ 1pm. At Large 4-7pm

Sunday 9/23/18  NFL Package. Mick Hasson @ the Tiki 3-6pm

Monday 9/24/18  Mick @ the Tiki 4-7pm. Bingo @ 6.30pm

Tuesday 9/25/18  Darts @ 7pm. Queen of hearts @ 8pm

Wednesday 9/26/18  Bar cards @ 2pm

Thursday 9/27/18    VFW dinner @ 6pm. Beef tips, noodles and gravy. Entertainment with Art 4.30-7.30pm

Friday 9/28/18 Karaoke with Molly 6-9pm.  Mark Mann @ the Tiki 6-9pm

Saturday 9/29/18 I GOT IT @ 1pm.  Tail Spin 7-10pm

Sunday 9/30/18  NFL package. Sammy Davis 3-6pm

Sunday Bloody Mary Specials

Sunday's at the Tiki bar starting at 11am!!

Membership FAQ

To become a VFW member - you must complete an application, which is available at the post and provide a copy of your DD214 with combat qualifications.

To become a VFW Auxiliary member - you must complete an application, which is available at the post accompanied by a qualifying DD214, which can include a member of your immediate family such as - father, mother, sister, brother, and grandparents.


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